Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Obaidullah Aleem -The spring that I pined for

Telling you the truth: It was not only love for which I threw away my life.There were some compulsions, some needs, you were also a kind of necessity.

What a lively, independent spirit I used to be. I exuded life and beauty and charm, I lived in a world that was built around my dreams, my own aspirations. It was an expression of my own identity

But I threw away  that life for the promise of a spring that never came, I gave away every aspiration and dream that a normal person has for life. But it never came. It was a false promise, a false hope, a mirage.
You see me happy and well settled but that's only a pretense.It is an instinct, I smile no matter what whenever  somebody looks. I have nothing to do with this happy go lucky person
 I wish you could see the injured self beneath all this felicity.

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