Thursday, April 16, 2015

Understanding Power through Cricket

Come on life ! Let me hit a six!

Let me at least once feel that I can hit at will, when and where I want.
Let me feel my emotions directly altering the course of reality merely with the force of their existence, making every resistance burn away with their fire.

Like Mcculum axing the South Africa like a wood cutter in the semifinals.Making a world class bowling look like a fool
Like Einstein focused on a problem not leaving unless he compels  the nature to reveal its beauty.
Like a revolutionary jumping into the sea of improbabilities ,swimming against the tide, convincing the tide to change its direction.

"The high was not the fear. The high was that I can hit people at will. I can get people out at will. I can fool around with them at will."
- Shoaib Akhtar

Power is very attractive and the basis of every yearning. The power to win the heart of a woman, the power to pass the hurdles that come in wining the pleasure of God, the power to master an area of knowledge, the power to write so to change the hearts of people, the power to defeat disease. The power to control nature.

"Speaking more generally, one may say that some kind of power forms the normal and legitimate aim of every person whose natural desires are not atrophied. The kind of power that a man desires depends upon his predominant passions; one man desires power over the actions of men, another desires power over their thoughts, a third power over their emotions. One man desires to change the material environment, another desires the sense of power that comes from intellectual mastery. Every kind of public work involves desire for some kind of power, unless it is undertaken solely with a view to the wealth obtainable by corruption. The man who is actuated by purely altruistic suffering caused by the spectacle of human misery will, if his suffering is genuine, desire power to alleviate misery"

Bertrand Russel ---A conquest of happiness

"I want to look you in the eyes, come running fast, burning with focus and conviction,  throw a reverse swinging yorker at your feet , turnig in air and landing determined to make you fall without giving you even as much as a chance to block, causing all the stumps of your heart to fly , making you feel  the intensity of life inside me and  the intensity of my want."

Assessment of character

Among the best and easy measures of character of a person is his/her attitude towards a person or a group who can offer him nothing in return. It shows true empathy. When someones pain makes you transcend every difference, ideology, and not just makes you feel but actually moves you to help.

The second one is the length of relationships. A person maintaining long relationships shows reliability.

A person whose motivations are sympathetic rather than judgmental and condescending.

hot-cold empathy gap

Your "cold" contained self can't fully recall the feelings of your "hot" emotional self and inaccurately predicts how quickly you'll cave to temptation

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Obaidullah Aleem -The spring that I pined for

Telling you the truth: It was not only love for which I threw away my life.There were some compulsions, some needs, you were also a kind of necessity.

What a lively, independent spirit I used to be. I exuded life and beauty and charm, I lived in a world that was built around my dreams, my own aspirations. It was an expression of my own identity

But I threw away  that life for the promise of a spring that never came, I gave away every aspiration and dream that a normal person has for life. But it never came. It was a false promise, a false hope, a mirage.
You see me happy and well settled but that's only a pretense.It is an instinct, I smile no matter what whenever  somebody looks. I have nothing to do with this happy go lucky person
 I wish you could see the injured self beneath all this felicity.