Wednesday, April 20, 2011

People think about things more abstractly when they perceive that they're further away in time or space (e.g. see earlier). In terms of negotiations, thinking more abstractly is beneficial because it encourages negotiators to reflect on and express their underlying motives and priorities.(...)

Our blind spots! lets help each other

I need you to point out my mistake because no matter how much I look with skepticism or doubt I cannot see my mistakes,especially the ones I am standing on.This is why it is advised to the doctors to get  treatment from another doctor.Although we know ourselves more than the other person but we don't get the full picture,we are too focused on small things and cannot see what we look in a bigger picture.And in science its the bigger picture or as they say effective theory that matters.You cannot do justice to a phenomenon  by  just looking at the molecular level and not including the macro level.

So, I will keep my heart open, it is difficult for me see every detail, you can help  me see things by enlarging them in way that impacts my emotions.

Because when we are attached to a certain belief or we put a label on ourselves we start creating  a new version of ourselves and assimilating information according that new identity. We ignore information that does not match with our core beliefs.

You would be saying that this a disadvantage of being religious or sticking with beliefs, than I ask who isn't having beliefs.Belief of having doubt in every thing ,belief that religion is a dangerous and a mess-creating-thing.

A person believing that religion is really destructive will have a fully charged version of accusatory rhetoric, while completely ignoring the things supporting the religion or even if not ignoring, rationalizing to bypass it.
Political desonance: this article cites empirical evidence with a crisp interpretation.

P.s: this idea was simmering in my mind when I hit upon this article,assimilated the best to make up my story

Illusion of security

Every thing seems good until the earth starts moving beneath your feet and than you realize how powerless you are and how weak are the foundations you are standing on!
Systems work when the resources are abundant but when the resources becomes scarce even the best of systems will crumble even the best marvels of engineering will fall.Even the biggest boats will sink.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A solution for Peace

How can I love some body who has ideals and goals of life so different for me.Either I can love that person or achieve my goal.I cannot have the cake and eat it too. Love for all is not a workable solution.
But compassion for all is a workable one.Karenarm strong illustrates wonderfully in a Ted talk.

''But I'd just like to quote, finish at the end with a reference to a British author, an Oxford author whom I don't quote very often, C.S. Lewis. But he wrote one thing that stuck in my mind ever since I read it when I was a schoolgirl. It's in his book The Four Loves. He said that, he distinguished between erotic love, when two people gaze, spellbound, into each other's eyes. And then he compared that to friendship. When two people stand side by side, as it were, shoulder to shoulder, with their eyes fixed on a common goal.
We don't have to fall in love with each other, but we can become friends. And I am convinced. I felt it very strongly during our little deliberations at Vevey, that when people of all different persuasions come together, working side by side for a common goal, differences melt away. And we learn amity. And we learn to live together and to get to know one another.''

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can a healer kill a Hitler

A mass murderer that plans to kill further comes to a doctor.(house season 6;the tyrant)
a)should the doctor treat him?
b)The doctor concedes to treat but plans to kill the patient by intentionally committing the mistake: is this right?

The person on getting healthier is going to kill a big number of people and inflicting a great pain on humanity.Although it might be against the law or risk the doctors life.
The other opinion is this that doctor should do his job and leave the job of dealing with murderer to the people it belongs to.
My opinion is that the doctor should refuse to take this case outright and if he concedes to treat, he should treat honestly. Although it would be best to kill the psychopath but its not the duty of a doctor.

Time's healing power

Some times things become so locked and intricate that no solution seems possible.This thing is especially true in terms of personal relations.But as the time moves on these seemingly impossible knots soothe out automatically.And what was a big problem seems insignificant