Saturday, March 3, 2012

Extraordinary Times

 I had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.It made me realize to what lengths have I allowed my self to fall.But I knew it all the way back and felt myself so helpless in the situation .I knew I have to do more and knew that I can do more but i was simply unable to pull my self up and together to work for the goal I want to achieve.But certain moments have what even long stretches of time cannot provide us
It was the dark era of "Laila Tul Qadar" that led to Quran being sent down from the heavens to herald the dawn of a new era in the history man kind which would take humans to such spiritual heights as never witnessed before.
Religious persecution, the perpetrators don't understand blow such a spirit in the life of a community who suffers that even a century of struggle cannot create.The mind becomes clear , the path of achieving a goal is selected with ease and the community comes together to strive in such a way that is other wise impossible.
During exams students come to have such studying capacity and focus of mind that easily lets them cover in days what normally would  take months.
I am talking about a similar extraordinary moment , a moment that unleashes powers that earlier were present but remained hidden in an unusable manner.Our God calls Himself "RAAB" the one who nourishes from a simple and unsignifcant small stages to higher complex and useful states.
I believe that moments of hardships in this world are to take us out of our lower states to higher ones.Its for us to choose that we act proactively and let that moment be our prize or don't give any heed and bring about destruction on ourselves.
For me Hell would be a similar place,the people who didn't utilize the opportunities of self development in this world would be forced through hardships to come out of those pit holes and build themselves for those favors that their creator wants them to have,a place called AL-Jannah where their efforts will flow like rivulets  unhindered and give them a  potential of limitless growth similar to a lush green garden with springs flowing underneath and a place whose prizes would never fade.
A day before I felt so powerless over my condition  that I wanted to quit and now I vow to fight and not let myself be steered away mindlessly in the abysses of self pity.My perspective on life has refreshened and I feel much more clear and controlled and determined.I don't know weather I would achieve what I want to but now I will try with a new vigour.I know one single moment is never enough ,I need a fuel for a life time ,this is one of the main differences between reality and fiction.There one scene changes into another without the uncertainty that the life disposes us to and here we have to live through each single moment.

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